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Best Professional Spray Tan


We Are Mobile

We are pleased to offer mobile spray tanning, as well as in facility tanning. Our professional spray tanning specialist will arrive with all necessary equipment, such as a professional spray tanning machine and an enclosed curtain. This will give your desired privacy and comfort, as well as over spray prevention. This is extremely convenient and we would be excited if you became a part of our spray tanning clientele.  


Ph Skin Prep Spray   $5.00 
Spray On Tan            $50.00
$10 travel fee will be applied


About Spray Tanning

Among all the Sunless Tanning services available, we proudly provide you with the best and least abrasive method of Tanning .

What Is Spray Tanning?

Spray Tanning is commonly called Mystic Tan or Airbrush Tanning. The main ingredient for the Best Self Tanner solutions used for Spray Tanning is an FDA approved substance called DHA (dihydroxyacetone) which is a harmless sugar extracted from plants like sugar cane. DHA will stain or dye your skin but it causes a chemical reaction with the amino acids present in the outer layers of your skin.

Where Can I Get A Spray Tan?

Among all the Spray Tanning Salons in Tampa that offer Air Brush Tanning, you will find that there are only a few that will use high quality Spray tanning Solution. Cheaper solutions contain toxic fragrances, less effective tanners like tyrosine or canthaxanthin or even parabens. At Bell’ Arte Hair Studio, we only use the best available and most natural water based DHA Spray On Tanning solution. These high quality solutions will give you the Best Air Brush Tan for your skin type while keeping your body free of any toxins that most of all other Air Brush Tanning Solutions contain. For this reason, we truly believe that we are the the Premier Spray Tanning Salon serving Tampa, FL 33618 also serving Northdale, Carrollwood, Lutz and Land O’ lakes.

How do I prepare for my  Full Body Spray Tan?

To achieve the Best Spray On Tan, follow these steps:
– Exfoliate with a gentle sugar scrub a few hours prior to your Spray tanning session. If you do not have a sugar scrub, you can add some sugar or coarse sea salt to your liquid body wash and gently rub it on your skin focusing on those dry spots such us elbows, heels, and knees. The main goal in the exfoliation process it to get rid of old flaky skin. A good exfoliation allows the Spray Tan solution to adhere evenly on to your skin.
– Restrain from wearing ANY deodorant one day before your Spray Tanning appointment.
-wear loose clothing, short sun dresses are ideal for your Spray Tanning session.
-Do not shower for at least 6 hours although 24 hours are ideal for your skin to adapt to the DHA of the Spray Tanning solution.
-Do not wear white undergarment or anything that you wouldn’t want to get stained. The Spray on Tanning solution might permanently stain light colored clothes.

How long does Spray on Tan session take?

During a brief consultation with our certified Spray tanning Specialist, you will have a chance to talk about your desired level of darkness and to ask any questions you might have about your Spray Tan service. You will be asked to get undressed to your level of comfort to proceed to the prep session of the Spray Tanning procedure. The Spray on session only takes about 10 minutes and your drying time will be an additional 10 minutes. You get darker within few minutes of your Spray on Tanning session and will gradually get a few tones darker a few hours after your Spray On Tan procedure.

How long do Spray Tans Last?

Spray Tans normally last about 3 to 10 days

Why Should I choose Bell’ Arte Hair Studio over other Tanning Salons?

  • We use the most Natural Spray Tanning Solution
  • We use no artificial colors, stains or synthetic bronzers
  • Our solutions are paraben free
  • We use Eco Cert Aloe Vera
  • Our solutions are 99.9% Kosher Glycerin (Plant Derived)
  • We do not utilize one universal solution for everyone like many Sunless Tanning salons are custom to do.
  • We provide over 5 different level of toners for different skin colors to achieve the most natural Air Brush Tan you so desire.
  • We offer a pre-spray service where we balance your skin Ph that works as a Primer to get the most even Spray Tan and that natural glow that only a sun kiss could give.
  • We offer the most competitive prices

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