types of permanent hair extensions

Hot Fusion or Keratin Bond Hair Extensions

This type of hair extensions are basically Keratin bonds lined with silicone that are attached to the individual hair strands.  A hair stylist will attach one of these hair extensions by placing your hair between a U-Tip and then sealing your hair to the Keratin bond with a hot extensions tool.


  • With proper maintenance, it can last up to six months and is very durable.


  • Not only does this type of hair extensions require heat, but it also requires glue. Unfortunately, this can damage your hair.
  • They are not reusable.
  • Finding an experienced hair extensions specialist may be difficult because this method requires lots of practice.
  • Though a very experienced a hair extensions specialist may apply these type hair extensions within several hours, most of the time it will take up to 8 hours of application.


Micro Link Hair Extensions

This method requires the hair extensions stylist to feed a strand of the hair through bead or lock and then

clamp your hair with a special tool.


  • This type of hair extension is reusable and you can return to your hair stylist periodically to have the hair moved up when needed.
  • The application requires no heat or chemicals.
  • It can last up to six months with proper maintenance.
  • This method gives your hair a more natural look compared to other methods.


  • Sometimes clients with these types of hair extensions can feel pressure on their scalp for several days post application.
  • Experienced Hair Extensions Specialists can sometimes finish these hair extensions within 2 hours, but it often takes up to 8 hours.
  • It may be difficult to find an experienced hair stylist being it requires lots of practice. 
  • Sometimes the beads or locks can be visible in the hair, more commonly so in clients with thin hair.


Tape In Hair Extensions

This hair extension method is one of the most popular on the market today. These hair extensions are actually installed into your hair using a special polyurethane tape.


  • It normally lasts up to 6 to 8 weeks.
  • With an experienced stylist, it may take only 20 to 30 minutes for application.
  • They are very affordable.
  • The tape-ins are reusable and no chemicals or heat are involved.


  • You must avoid washing your hair for 24 to 48 hours post insertion because this can cause the tape-ins to slip off.


Glue In Hair Extensions

This method of hair extensions application are accomplished by individual hair strands of hair being glued into your natural hair.


  • It takes little time to install.
  • They are meant to worn for only a short time and are affordable.


  • Since glue is used, it can damage your hair.
  • As with other hair extensions methods, these can cause pressure on your scalp for several days.


Braided or Sow In Hair Extensions

This method of hair extension requires a stylist to braid the client’s hair and then sow the hair extensions into the braided hair.


  • This method uses no chemicals, so will not damage the hair.
  • They will slip very little unless the braid comes out. 


  • As with the other hair extensions, it can cause tightness in a scalp for several days.
  • This type the hair extensions can take several hours, depending on the experience level of the hair extension specialist


Clip-In hair extensions

These type of hair extensions are exactly what the name implies, they clip into your hair.  They are widely searched for on the Internet and are very very popular.


  • These extensions may be applied and removed all day long, so you can change the color and style anytime you want.
  • They are extremely affordable and can be found anywhere and easily online.


  • They do not work well with clients with thin hair because they slip easier than with coarse or thick hair.
  • They are not intended for long use.

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