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BELL ARTE REFERRAL PROGRAM To show our gratitude to our present and future clients, we want to offer you more than just outstanding service.   We will give you a $50 credit on future visits for each hair extension client whom you refer to us that books and pays for hair extension services (excluding volume […]

Types Of Hair Extensions

Hot Fusion or Keratin Bond Hair Extensions This type of hair extensions are basically Keratin bonds lined with silicone that are attached to the individual hair strands.  A hair stylist will attach one of these hair extensions by placing your hair between a U-Tip and then sealing your hair to the Keratin bond with a […]

Top Five Clip In Hair Extensions

[wrc_column grid=”12″ width=”9″ type=”start”]  Top 5 Clip In Hair Extensions   1. Hairdo Highlight Wrap I know I know I know, you get up in the morning and your hair is a total mess. You Gotta go to work, and you have just enough time to brush your teeth take a shower and leave. Well, […]