Coconut Oil For Hair

Hair Oil: Which Type Is Right For You?


coconut oil for you

The sticky, gooey, messy oils of the past are gone. Now, we have hair oils that border on miraculous. Hair oils can do anything from treating dandruff to taming frizz. The key is finding the right one for your hair type.

Go Nuts for Coconut Oil

To understand why coconut oil is crazy amazing for your hair, we have to get a little geeky on you. Coconut oil has a low molecular size, which lets it permeate your hair shaft easily. It also has lauric acid in it, which has a serious jones for hair proteins.

The result is that coconut oil prevents your hair from losing proteins when you use it before or after a wash. Protein equals hair strength, but don’t get carried away. Too much oil can make your hair coarse and stiff. Also, if your hair is super thin, coconut oil might actually cause hair loss.

Rock on with Moroccan Oil

Also known as Argan oil, Moroccan oil is a dream come true for frizzy or dry hair. This oil is so powerful that Moroccans regard it as liquid gold. Moroccan oil is loaded with vitamin E and fatty acids. Both of these ingredients help transform unruly, dried-out tresses into silky, shiny, soft locks.

A No-Calorie Use for the Macadamia Nut

Nut oils tend to have the strongest effect on the hair, and macadamia is among the richest out there. Try it on damaged or dried-out hair once a week as a mask. Alternatively, you can use it to rejuvenate your hair after several intense heat-styling sessions.

The Lightweight: Abyssinian Oil

Abyssinian oil, or crambe seed oil, is extremely hydrating for dry hair. At the same time, it’s ultra-light-weight, making it ideal if your hair is prone to go limp with too much product. Abyssinian is a good choice if you have fine, greasy, or thin hair. As a bonus, the chemical structure of Abyssinian oil makes it very resistant to heat, so it’s the perfect precursor to blow-drying or flat-ironing.

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