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How to Make Your Hair Look Good after a Workout

Finishing an especially intense workout feels great. You’ve got that post-workout glow and a killer endorphin rush. Then you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror at the gym. While you might feel great, your hair probably has a scarier story to tell.

Not many of us have time for a full shower, blow-dry, and style after working out. But, short of that, what’s a girl to do about the frizzy, sweat-soaked, post-workout mane? Here are a few suggestions.

Erase the Evidence of Lunch-Hour Workouts with Dry Shampoo

On hectic days, your lunch hour may be the only time you can get to the gym. There’s only one problem with that — you still have to go back to work. But the days of fearing your coworkers will catch a whiff of your post-gym hair stank are over.

Meet dry shampoo. You can run it through your hair in less than a minute, no water required. In fact, some dry shampoos even come with a handy makeup-style brush for no-fuss application. Dry shampoo will cut the grease, give you bounce and texture, and leave your strands smelling fresh.

Just Say No to Mangled n’ Tangled Post-Ponytail Hair

If you’re anything like us, you know that there aren’t many things scarier than sweaty post-ponytail hair. Have you ever tried to take your ponytail out after a workout and do anything at all with the damp and dented mess that’s left? It’s next to impossible.

The solution is a little bit of prevention. Rather than relying on a super-tight ponytail to keep your hair back, braid it and bobby pin the loose strands. Tight ponytails can actually cause breakage and make your hair look like it’s receding. Plus, when you let out a loose braid, you have built-in, no-fuss texture.

Get Your Buns in Gear with Dry Texturing Spray

A dry texturizing spray is a godsend for post-workout hair first aid. Our favorite trick with texturing spray is applying it around the hairline and then backcombing for oomph. Then, twist the hair up into a perfectly imperfect bun.

Want more individualized tips from a pro on taming your post-gym tresses? Book an appointment with one of the experienced stylists at Bell’ Arte Studio.




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