human hair extensions correction

Human Hair Extension Correction 

Have you paid lots of money to get your hair extensions applied only to feel disappointed a week later? Well, you are not alone. This happens quite often and a matter of a fact, we booked many appointments for hair extension correction. So why does this happen? Well, hair extension application takes a lot of practice and training. Sometimes, you may have what you thought was an experience hair extension stylist, but you ran into someone who is learning on your hair. Unfortunately, the hair extensions industry is not very regulated when it comes to how much experience hair stylists have in hair extension application. This is unacceptable because as we all know, hair extensions aren’t cheap. You pay big bucks to get great service, and to have anything less is very disappointed. We understand this, and we are here to help.
Barbara, who is a hair extension expert and the premier hair extensions specialist in Tampa, has many years of experience in hair extensions installation. She can do this procedure practically with her eyes closed. That is how skill and confident she is. Furthermore, she will continue to work on your hair and will not feel comfortable until you are completely satisfied with the outcome. So what kind of problems can occur with hair extensions? I have several listed below.

Problems Resulting From Hair Extensions 

  • Many hair strands falling out several days after application
  • Hair extensions not matching your natural hair color
  • Hair extensions that does not look natural and are easily detectable as hair extensions
  • Hair extensions beads or locks that are easily visible without lifting the hair

These are all problems that are very common with hair extensions applications using cheap products, or simply with an inexperienced hair extensions stylist that may have applied them.
It’s similar to having an inexperienced and unlicensed air conditioning repairman work on your AC, you just don’t know what you’re getting into. Unfortunately, any hair stylist can dive into hair extensions, no matter how experienced he or she is.

Here at Bell’ Arte Hair Studio, we never tackle anything that we are not ready for. We only have the best hair extensions specialists, and if there’s something that we’re not familiar with, we will train and educate ourselves until we’re actually ready to initiate the service.

Please, if you are not completely satisfied with your hair extensions, give us a call. We promise that we can fix any kind of hair extensions application problem that you may have. Don’t wait until your hair is a mess, call for a free hair extensions consultation now. We promise that you will be happy with our service, and we always retain our hair extension clients. You can also reach one of our live chat agents or you can book online anytime. We really appreciate your interest and Bell’ Arte Hair Studio and we hope to hear from you soon. Have a wonderful day.



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