Thank you!

I wanted to personally take the time to thank you for your interest in my hair extensions service.

I will be contacting you within one business day.

If you wish to give me a call prior to my reaching out to you, feel free to call me at (813) 713-5481. Thanks again for your interest in Bell Arte Hair Studio and have a wonderful day!


A little more about me

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Quotes from Barbara, Owner of Bell Arte Hair Studio

My goal here at Bell Arte Hair Studio is to provide the latest Hair Styling trends to
keep the integrity of their hair.

I’m confident that I can offer my clients the best
products, the latest technology at the most convenient price.

I just always dreamed of doing hair and here I am living
the dream.

I provide a comfortable setting, it’s a private setting
and you’re not sitting in the middle of a big hair salon with strangers walking

I see a crown on every woman and if your crown is broken
or when it is not shining, I want to make it shine.


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