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About Human Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are in! Many celebrities use hair extensions to quickly achieve longer, beautiful and natural looking hair, but nobody ever knows they have hair extensions. When hair extensions are applied by an experienced stylist, any length, color, fullness or texture can be achieved. So in other words, you can do whatever you want with hair extensions. Furthermore, we guarantee if you receive hair extensions from our hair extensions experts, no one will ever know you have them. And you know what, you deserve it!

Why Choose Bell Arte Hair Studio For Hair Extensions?

  • First and foremost, we are honest with our clients and you will never have any surprises. 
  • During your free hair extensions consultation, we thrive to educate our clients on the hair extension procedure as well as the aftercare of the extensions so they feel comfortable moving forward. 
  • It’s our long-term goal to be the top Hair Extensions Salon in the country and maybe one day being compared to some of the most famous hair salons in the world. 
  • We never pressure our clients and there is no obligation to move forward with the hair extensions service after a consultation. 
  • We love people and want to answer any questions you may have.
  • We never overbook our extension clients so you will receive our undivided attention during your consultation as well as your procedure.
  • We will not learn with your hair. I personally have many years of experience in hair styling and hair extensions.
  • Though we normally pretty booked with hair extensions, we will always be as flexible as possible.
  • Our prices are competitive and our work and the quality of hair extensions are the best!
  • We guarantee that you will never leave our salon without loving your hair first.
  • We can fix any hair extensions, no matter what the problem is.
  • Our number one priority is our outstanding customer service.
  • We welcome everybody and can work on any kind of hair. 👍



Meet Barbara, Tampa’s Leading Hair Extensions Expert & Salon Owner




What Are The Best Types of Human Hair Extensions?

Remy Human Hair Extensions are by far the best hair extensions available on the market because they create the most natural looking hair if applied correctly. With non-Remy Hair Extensions, the cuticles are stripped, which greatly affects the quality of the hair. With Remy extensions, the cuticles are left intact creating hair with a soft, shiny, silky smooth texture. Remy hair extensions will have absolutely no tangles, thus making it one of the highest grade hair replacement system available. Read More about Remy Hair Extensions.

How long do Hair Extensions Installations take?

Depending on the method of application, Human Hair Extensions service can take from as little as an hour for Tape Into 2 to 3 hours for Cold Fusion and Keratin Fusion Hair Extensions. For Clip Ins, the service is limited to a simple consultation to make sure your color is matched with the extensions and a brief demo to show you how to place your new Clip In Hair Extensions.

How long do Human Hair Extensions last?

All Human Hair Extensions require a certain amount of maintenance. With Clip Ins, maintaining your hair with Sulfate & Paraben free moisturizing shampoos and conditioners are all that is really required. For Tape Ins, Micro link and Fusion Hair Extensions, hair can last up to a year, but a visit every 8 to 12 weeks for upkeep is necessary.

How much do hair extensions cost?

Most of our new clients ask for hair extension pricing over the phone. Who doesn’t want to shop around and get the very best price possible for their product or service? Who wants to drive somewhere and sit through a 30-minute consultation, when they could get a price over the phone? It would definitely be easier to make 3 or 4 calls to local salons, get the lowest price and then go in for the service, right?  We completely understand and for this reason, we want to explain why it’s not possible to give prices over the phone.

First, the price depends on which hair extension brand you are interested in. We always recommend the highest quality hair extensions because we know that you will be much happier with the finished product, but the decision is yours and it will affect the cost. Secondly, everyone’s hair is different so the number of hair strands required to make beautiful and natural looking hair will also fluctuate the cost. Third, the length of the hair extensions you desire also changes the cost because longer extensions are more expensive for us to purchase. For these reasons, it’s only possible to give pricing for hair extensions during the consultation. We promise your consultation will be quick and easy and remember, you will only have to come in for one consultation ever.



Hair Extensions Systems Used At Our Salon

  • SO.Cap.
  • USA Hair Dreams
  • Twisted Fringes
  • Perfectress
  • Hair Talk
  • Babe
  • Seamless
  • Great Length


What is the next step?

Call Us Now to set an appointment for a free consultation. You can also book an online appointment for a free consultation and or you can chat with one of our Live Chat Agents. Human Hair Extensions consultations will be a one on one meeting with the salon owner “Barbara.” She will discuss the process of our hair extension insulation and it will be a great opportunity to ask any questions or concerns you may have. Remember, there are no strings attached, our consultations are free with no strings attached.

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